Is it Possible to Learn to Trade the Markets in 60 Seconds?? 

As the video explains, there are 3 steps to taking a trade:

  1. Entry Point

  2. Entry Reason

  3. Sound Money Management

Watch how we have simplified complex trading analysis into something that can be understood in 60 seconds!

We have 3 tools in the FXTrendz Suite:


The Automated Line Tool

  • This saves hours of time annotating charts as it's all done automatically and in REAL TIME.
  • All lines are colour-coded for different timeframes.
  • Better yet, it also has an email alert so you can set it to tell you when the price reaches a possible entry point!



The Signals

  • We have taken the 6 most potent candlestick patterns (price action behaviour) and have automated the recognition of them with this tool.
  • It paints in REAL TIME as well as displaying historical signals for strategy testing.
  • It also has an email alert so you can set it to tell you when the price action signal occurs!


The Money Management Calculator

  • Every broker has this on their website as a web page with the calculator built-in. But what if you could have one straight off the chart?
  • This is the HOLY GRAIL of Trading. It makes Money Management as easy as drag and drop of 3 lines!
  • Our calculator tells you the Lot Size based on Risk Amount. It tells you the Risk-Reward ratio of your trade and it even takes the trade for you. All straight off the chart!


Combined the 3 and you have yourself a KILLER trading ARSENAL!


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